In September of 2015, new recording artist Bryson Tiller provided us with an album completely curated through the true definition of Rhythm and Blues. Featured on the T R A P S O U L album are three singles that play the key role as catalyst to his fresh R&B career: “Let Em Know”, “Sorry Not Sorry”, and most importantly “Don’t”. One song, “Don’t”, created his pathway to fame. Both “Sorry Not Sorry” and “Let Em Know” shortly after found themselves working on the extension and elevation of the path. That is just a set of three songs. However, we have a list of billions of people stemming from six continents – omitting Antarctica – that would willingly contest to the fanship established simply out of hearing those three songs for the very first time.

His overtime immediately began to pay off. During this month of April in our current year of 2016, Bryson Tiller learned that the T R A P S O U L  album established a label of “Gold” in sells. In an Instagram post from the artist today, Tiller expresses the overwhelming joy he is experiencing due to later on learning that his first album actually holds a “Platinum” title in record sells. This is a terribly humbling, yet jubilating truth to comprehend just after performing yet another sold out show to a crowd he personally thanks for getting him to where he is today.

Last year stands as grounds for a time in which the artist’s career actually began to take off. The release of T R A P S O U L in the midst of September was just another stepping stone. From Louisville, Kentucky to Platinum record selling artist,  Tiller is captivating and will continue to captivate fans on an international scale manifesting his claim to a fame much deserved.


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