It’s funny, when I asked him to explain the album to me, he said to me verbatim, “I can’t, it’s like nothing out right now. It’s like nothing else I’ve ever even heard.” I had to laugh, obviously. It was funny and it elevated my day. However, I’m almost positive that he’s telling the truth. Chase Aaron is an artist that never seems to disappoint, and that’s even a statement that is becoming more and more redundant. For the past three years now, the California native has graced our social media feeds on the twelfth of December with a link that grants us access to the other side  – the other side of true R&B. There’s most certainly a difference between fitting into a genre and actually being the genre. R&B is supposed to be about the rhythm and blues of love and life. It is a feeling that cannot be ignored and what cannot be ignored is something that is true. From Chase’s lyrics, to his production, to the stories he is able to conjure up, to the pictures he is able to paint with sound, he is true – true R&B. And Therapy, his newest album – of course dropping on Monday, December 12th – well, Therapy is just an extension of his creative efforts.  

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