Today, I really, really yearned for early 90s R&B from a few of my favorite new wave R&B artists. I didn’t want to listen to Bryson Tiller. I did not want to listen to Kehlani. I could continue to unravel my scroll of truth, however I would not want to bore you. These two are two of my incredible favorites, but I wanted something new. Could you blame me?

Drained of all of the similarity, lack of originality and of desire to create anew, I followed my first mind and head over to SoundCloud. There, I typed into the search engine “wtfcamp” and clicked the top option. I know this collective uploads Chase Aaron’s secret musicianary weapons onto its profile so I thought I would take a stab at it. My first mind was correct. Scrolling to the middle of the page, I found what had been awaiting me, a new Chase Aaron track. For a moment there, I assumed he would allow our hearts some time to recuperate from the love and compassion we journeyed through during the voyage of Therapy, but [lol] was I wrong. I laugh because, when you come across art, you – if you are anything like me – try to find the relativity in the strokes from the brush or in the strokes from the harmonies. You try to understand the choice of color pattern or you try to understand the choice of tempo. Despite whatever it is that you are aiming to concur with while you are observing, you are trying to find some kind of common ground. An artist is supposed to allow you that option, at least. Just about each time I have clicked that tiny round triangle between those two opposing arrows on one of those Chase Aaron tracks, I have found satisfaction. SOS [Interlude] provided me with everything I had been looking for on this rainy Los Angeles morning. Relativity, early 90s R&B plus a new wave sound, and something to play for you guys today. I hope you enjoy this just as much as I did.

With love,


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