Welcome back to our weekly Sample Sundays. This time around, for such a special occasion, it is a necessity that we give you a Sample Sunday Mother’s Day edition. With such a vast array of options, I simply have to settle on a song about Dr. Donda West. Let us go back to a time when Kanye West was still sporting the pink Polos. Back to a time when Mr. West’s sample based production reigned supreme to the masses. Let us go back to. . . Late Registration.

Late Registration is a compilation birthed in the year of 2005 that provides pure representation of Kanye West at a prime time in his life through his music career. The project is a conjuring of gem after gem, relic after relic making history in the world of Hip-Hop. Alike handfuls of Mr. West’s most infamous tracks, Dr. Donda West’s theme song stemmed from a strong root planted several decades prior to its release date. Once again, Sample Sunday readers, we are taking it back to the seventies.

1 9 7 0 crossed the X which under the fool’s gold, under the gravel, under the dirt, lay the treasure of an extended fight for freedom for the African American community on a national scale. Shortly after the beginning of this decade, they – as a people – came to an understanding that manifesting internal freedom was a more promising goal than that of external validation. As a result, they – once again, as a people – made the efforts to form their own communities such as The Black Panther Party and several others. Because of this blood binding agreement, the African American community was provided a sense of hope amongst each other. Black Power experienced even greater growth in belief of a people as well as self-love. This is the time period in which Black musicians across the states made music to remind their audience about the importance of holding on and living for today. Donal Leace in his 1972 single “Today Won’t Come Again”, in all his charisma, over such inspiring production, reminds his people that today truthfully will not come again. He reminds them to see beyond the adversities, to see beyond the failures, and to strive for the future. Along with this time period came the enhanced support role of the Black woman, keeping the African American community afloat in an abundance of ways bringing us to the connection in this Sample Sunday.

Kanye West in his prime. Pink Polo Kanye. “George Bush is racist” Kanye. Everyone’s favorite, but still had so much contempt for Kanye. Whatever Kanye West you find yourself discussing, you will always be talking about a Kanye West who adored his mother. For his 2005 Late Registration, Mother’s Day serenade, the perfect sample was chosen. Donal Leace sang during a time Black mothers played the role of a mediator within their households; supporting the decisions of her loved ones, smiling when everyone else was low just to let them know that this too would pass. The perfect sample was chosen because that is exactly what Dr. Donda West was to her son, to her family. Cheers, Kanye, to another sample done well.

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