$URF Spodie adds his flavor to some of Hip-Hop’s best beats, both new and old, on Sorry 4 The Wave – an ode to Weezy’s 2011 mixtape Sorry 4 The Wait. It’s been a decade since anyone has executed a “Jacking For Beats” style of mixtape of this stature, but the $URF CEO seems to have arrived with perfect timing, considering the conversation around a lot of rappers lacking in the area of lyrical skill. The concept of the mixtape is simple: pay homage to Lil Wayne by going on a murder spree. If you are a fan of dope beats and outlandish bars, then You’re Welcome.

$URF Spodie is also releasing an EP, which is set to release this summer. The EP will consist of all original music co-produced by DJ Wes and Nick Banga, whose credits include: Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, Ab-Soul, Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign, YG and more. Stay tuned and head over to Sorry4TheWave.com for everything $URF!

The $URF Collective. 

$urf in blue

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