For BURN’s favorite column, “Sample Sunday”, I feel it essential to choose a song that provides vital representation of our crew’s elation towards this new category.

During the year of 1977, The Isley Brothers released “Go For Your Guns”, an album very memorable to those who experienced the chemical reaction between love and funk noticed within the decade. The 70s was truly driven by this “love on the dancefloor” kind of theme. Handfuls of artists and groups floated towards the current, incorporating the fresh sound of the era into each of their eclectic forms of musicianship. On the “Go For Your Guns” record, The Isley Brothers included a classic that will go down in history and also, become the mural of another artist’s career.

Backtracking to the year of 1992, hip-hop and rap are remembered to be at their primes. Several curators of 90s hip-hop and rap culture paid homage those musicians of the 70s through sampling – an extremely popular act found throughout the entire music industry. Showing his reverence for The Isley Brothers, Ice Cube sampled the group’s production of “Footsteps In The Dark” for his “Today Was A Good Day” single. An ever so smooth instrumental in alliance with a young man’s descriptive play-by-play of a phenomenal day for him in the hood formed a song never to be forgotten. Ice Cube created room for Los Angeles city life nostalgia.

Two decades have passed since the honorable merge, however, with each listen, the song still feels new. With this, take a drive. Reminisce on a time when life felt easy and was filled with zeal. Put yourself there and tell yourself, today was a good day.

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