For this Sample Sunday, let’s talk throwbacks. Let’s talk throwbacks that a generation not too long ago curated and is most likely a means of our current existence. For this Sample Sunday, let’s talk Brownstone.

Deep into the descent of Los Angeles, California during the year of 1993, Monica Doby, Charmayne Maxwell, and Nichole Gilbert stood in formation establishing one of many woman R&B trios of the 1990’s. The group would come to be known as Brownstone. Brownstone at their peak did numbers after the release of their very first single “If You Love Me”, a long lived victory amongst the former trio, a relic in the 90s R&B movement. The song seemed to be the Twitter biography of the year of 1994 – a complete description of internalized emotions of hearts throughout the world. The single was the catalyst and the sole cause of the group’s international fame. However, regardless of however much adults of the 90s appreciate the song and several other works of Mimi, Maxee, and Nicci, Brownstone is unfortunately one of the several all girl R&B groups that was not passed down to mine and my readers’ generation.

About two years ago, R&B slowly but surely began to find its way back home. Beginning during the year of 2014 and becoming much more prominent during 2015, artists globally made no qualms about advertising their reverence for the original rhythm and blues makers. Tory Lanez, along with an abundance of others, made this act of R&B sampling a kind of signature production choice. Last year, Lanez released a single titled “Say It” and at first listen, the sample is terribly easy to pinpoint, or so I thought. Fans were falling in love with the single left and right and eventually, getting away from the song became impossible. However, “If You Love Me” by Brownstone would begin to play and not a soul in the room, in the car, in the coffee shop knew the history that was coming through the speakers. Rather, it was assumed that what was playing was a sample of Tory Lanez “Say It” instead of something of the reverse.

For this Sample Sunday, let’s admire R&B for what it truly used to be. For this Sample Sunday, let’s admire the new R&B artists who pay homage to and show their reverence for the groups and musicians whom are the inspiration of their modern R&B careers. Let’s remember . . .Brownstone.

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