Not long ago, the world was experiencing two infamous hives: those of Beyonce and Future. Around the beginning of February of 2016, the two were somewhat discarded due to another  recurring phenomena, that of Rihanna.

Our beloved R&B sensation released her latest album “Anti” at the inception of February, post the release of her single “Work”, which did more than numbers on every chart you can think of. Within her thirteen track compilation, she gave us heart, she gave us soul, and in one instance, she gave us. . .disappointment.

There is a trite saying that goes “Some things are left better undone”. Before curating the ultimate cover for Tame Impala’s “New Person, Same Ol Mistakes”, Rihanna inquired about the group via the band’s management team asking permission to go forth with execution. Unfortunately, she received a yes. The product came to be pleasantly distasteful in the sense that she is an industry relic who dabbled in an unsuiting field.

Hit play and experience the experience that is, Tame Impala.

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