“It was all a dream…”, one of many lines known around the world due to the global success of New York’s very own, Biggie Smalls. However, the 1994 hit was not just simply blessed with such a riveting title for a song. No no, this music came to life about ten years prior to the Notorious B.I.G’s sample. For this second July Sample Sunday, I give you “Juicy Fruit” written and produced by James Mtume.

“Juicy Fruit”, a song so immaculate it became the title for the third Mtume album in 1983. Music is supposed to inflict emotion. The specific emotion felt while listening to a track is unimportant. What matters most is that you felt something and most importantly, that after listening you can still feel it. Even if you may be left feeling a little . . . spicy? Yes, spicy is the word to best describe the irresistible feeling of addiction to someone you love while and after listening to this song. It left millions longing for their lovers and as a result, “Juicy Fruit” was left on replay for the remainder of the 80s taking a dive into a new era of Hip-Hop by way of samples.

“Juicy” became a sample done terribly well. Biggie Smalls, with a flow ever so hypnotizing, made an attempt to capture the true essence of the 1983 Mtume single and more than succeeded. He played a constructive role in proving that you can have love through R&B and you can also have love through Hip-Hop. And if you don’t know, now you know.

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