Modern day feel good music meets modern day rap and hip-hop

Deep House music, EDM, two genres lying on a completely distinguished genre spectrum aside from that of Rap and Hip-Hop. In the year of 2015, one producer – alike several – geared up to unite two differing worlds, creating terribly rewarding offspring. . . “Truffle Butter”.

Toward the end of 2014, Nicki Minaj readied herself for an end of the year release of her latest to date album, The Pinkprint. At the beginning of the following new year, she, Drake, and Lil Wayne celebrated the release of her following single “Truffle Butter”, which did numbers on Billboard charts not only across the nation but, internationally. However, behind a majority of muscle lubricating, mind penetrating, sets of production lies an itsy bitsy sample that contains a really big sound.

Deep House is a genre that can certainly be translated to meaning modern day feel good music. It is a balanced compilation of Electric Daisy, Funk, Disco, and often times, whatever a producer wants it to be at that specific moment. It is a genre that leaves much room for experimentation. It is one in which most of the artists who fall under this music category receive the title of disc jockey or DJ. It is a genre that also happens to be an entire movement filled with an abundance of composition warriors. Meet one, Maya Jane Coles, a warrior who should probably be thanked, for without her, one less essential club banger would no longer exist. As your Sample Sunday author, I present to you, “What They Say” by Deep House and Contemporary musician, Maya Jane Coles.

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