DJ a.k.a. your modern day producer.
DJs, otherwise known as Disc Jockeys, have an earthly footprint dating back to the Prohibition Era of the 1920s. With the implementation of strict Constitutional amendments throughout the United States of America came the defiance of its targeted citizens. Exclusive communions would take place in alcohol friendly environments – starting off in underground locations later on advancing to more public vicinities. To conduct successful festivities, disc jockeys became essential. They would play party goers favorite jazz records often accompanied by a sweet vocalist. These DJ responsibilities evolved to fit the needs of an evolved genre of music, Hip-Hop. Then Rock ‘n Roll later to Disco, tapping into the realm of Funk, and now everything mainstream entertainment related.
A savvy bird, Kingdom, has flown into the nest of spinning giving his audience two levels, production and the disc jockey experience. This year, he has released an eleven track album full of surprises and delight titled Tears in the Club. With features ranging from SZA to Syd of The Internet, Kingdom is sure to put a smile on your face with each song transition. Dig in.

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