Olurotimi Akinosho, a Nigerian-American singer, song writer, and actor. You probably know him as Ghost’s prodigy, Andre from Power. You probably know him from that Keisha Cole video from way back. You probably know him as Rotimi, his stage name. Whichever, you have seen or heard of him somewhere on his journey to his successes.

On the 4th of August under G-Unit Records, the creative set out to release his second LP, Jeep Music Vol. I. This eight track compilation serves as his G-Unit album debut. The album is a mix of Pop, R&B and, Heart and Soul. Each track is composed carefully, giving an abundance of the production credits to a fellow R&B sensation, ELHAE and of course the infamous veterans of G-Unit. The singer manages to more than effectively execute the art of rap singing tieing the messages and melodies in ever so sweetly. Without question, Mr. Akinosho is a triple threat, with a singing career that is taking the masses by surprise. If you need a little motivation to tune in, imagine a Jeremih, an Eric Bellinger who the nation comatosed on at the inception of their voyage. Remember when they both resurrected? Yeah, me too.

Keep up with the boy on Twitter Instagram and SoundCloud

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