For those readers who have been searching for a little more alternative soul, for a little more pop from us, we bring to you from the shores of Dubuque, Iowa’s Mississippi River, Jen Gloeckner. Her sound is not only hypnotically captivating, and spellbinding, it is representative of some of music’s greatest moments. With the fresh electricity of Lana del Rey, BatForLashes, the waves erected by Stevie Nicks all behind her inspiration, Jen is sure to satisfy. Her sound prospective is that of several other musically artistic relics’ formed into her own atop twilight like pop instrumentals. Jen Gloeckner pops because of her thriving desire to remain eclectic. Press play on her latest album VINE and I think you will agree, too. Find VINE on Apple Music or preview the album through SoundCloud.

Track Jen’s successes and releases via social media here.
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