What a pleasure, what an absolute pleasure it is to be a witness to a man doing numbers like it’s pop while selling consciousness. Kendrick Lamar, won a total of six VMA’s – out of a total of nine nominations – at this year’s 2017 Video Music Awards hosted by MTV. Those special thank yous went out to Music Video of the Year, Best Hip-Hop Video, Best Direction, Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, and Best Visual Effects each for his top chart single “HUMBLE”. But, six VMA wins…that’s just another cherry atop his 2017 sundae.
         Kendrick Lamar alongside Top Dawg Entertainment released Dot’s album DAMN. on 14 April 2017. As his audience, we had great expectations for the project. For preludes, we were given “The Heart Part 4” – bliss elegantly flowing over a beat of triple composition facing four vibrational and legendary transitions. To elevate the hype, “HUMBLE.” is released just days later, 30 March 2017 to be exact. It immediately opened the Billboard 100 at spot number one marking it as his second single to do so. With two incredible tracks at our fingertips and a foreshadowing of an album – Y’all got til April the 7th to get y’all shit together – the anticipation was high and hopes even higher. Finally, 14 April 2017, DAMN. and damn, were we grateful? Buzz was constructive in placing the album at the top of the charts, Billboard 200 land it at a spot number one making it his third consecutive album to do so. Immaculate.

Reflecting upon each of his year’s milestones, yes, those awards were more than expected and certainly rightfully earned. Lamar manifested his 2017, affirming each of his desires achieving them one by one, slowly but surely. As these three hundred sixty-five days continue to fade out before our eyes, Kendrick Lamar will continue to win. We will not only continue to support and congratulate his earnings, but use him as motivation to manifest our own. We love you KDot.



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