Recently, La Flame himself foreshadowed the forthcoming of not just new music, but a new album entirely – something we have been longing for since his release of Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight.  Reflecting back several months, it can be concluded that Mr. Scott is a terribly busy man. Prior to the PSA, Travis Scott accompanies Miguel on one of two of the artist’s latest releases titled “Skywalker”, a BOP fasho. He costars on a top charted single and SZA fan favorite titled “Love Galore.”  Just before SZA’s “Love Galore” reveal, Scott appears on a 2 Chainz’s Pretty Girls Listen to Trap Music track, 4AM and managed to drop a single titled “Butterfly Effect.”

So, top chart features galore, a single release, album on the way, what else could he possibly have up his sleeve? Rumors have begun to swim throughout the industry regarding a possible Travis Scott and Quavo collaborative album. Two American favorites on that beat and we’ve got money in our speakers. Keep your fingers crossed and hope alive. 

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