Our mission is to inspire, invoke, and incite our audience to step into the fire of life and compete with the fierce sparks of the flame.

The BURN Lifestyle Magazine is a quantitative experience of music, entertainment, fashion, and social life – the four aspects of Pop Culture and everything that consumes us as a people.  It is important that our team represents a few golden ideals which serve as predeceasing normals on the road to success:

  • No big action was ever executed without a big dream.
  • When you believe in your fire and your dream, you are different.
  • When you go after what you believe in, you will be burned.
  • You must embrace these trials and tribulations.

It is important to us that we embody these ideals in understanding and acceptance because we thrive for you, our beloved reader, to do the same in pursuit of anything which you believe in. “Nothing good comes easy”, a saying we are certain everyone can attest to hearing. It is all in the action taken prior to the bombarding of external forces. Perhaps, these experiences which you qualify as negative truly serve as catalysts, speeding the chemical reaction to your goals, catching fire every now and then only to incite knowledge within your hopes of progression and growth. However, one question remains. Do you think it will be worth it? The burns, the scars, the pain, do you think they will be worth it? Your answer determines that of the next question.

Will you make the burn? Or, will you let the burn make you?

Give em hell to tell the captain, baby.